Thursday, February 3, 2011

GUEST MATERIAL: Daleks, On Freedom

A friend of mine wrote this in about half an hour. He's a boss. Read it and weep with the galaxy of joy that comes from reading pure perfect poetry.

Read. Weep. Repeat as needed. The tears of joy will begin below:
Daleks, On Freedom
From the land of Skaro Great hail we:
The mighty Dalek race - But Free?
'Tis but a construct of inferior beings.
What emotion hath a Dalek? From whence cometh these wings?

Sadness we scorn: Such weakness disdain!
Pride, such self-love must be fain,
Anger breeds discontent; to its will the Daleks willn't bend.
Joy is most foreign - elation we must not comprehend

Individuality is Weakness - Orders are Supreme
Ignorance is Strength - Orders are Supreme
War is Peace - Daleks are Supreme
Freedom is Slavery - Daleks are Supreme

We know nothing of Love, care nothing for Fate:
Our oppressive Freedom is in One - Exterminate!