Friday, January 14, 2011

Sherlock Holmes Stories You Probably Will Never Read

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a very prolific writer. Here's a few of his... lesser known stories.

  1. "The Adventure of the Accidental Death" - Mrs. Victoria Braxton is dead, and her husband Andrew comes to Baker Street in search of answers. Inspector Lestrade and the rest of the police force believe Mrs. Braxton's death was an accident, but Mr. Braxton suspects more sinister forces are at work. After careful investigation, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find that Lestrade was right all along: Victoria Braxton died choking on a breadcrumb.
  2. "A Scandal in Brohemia" - A college-age Sherlock must solve his second case: a bizarre murder on fraternity row. While the death of Chad Jones seems to be a clear cut case of alcohol poisoning, Sherlock Holmes is unconvinced. But can he and pre-med student John Watson navigate the sea of intrigue and popped collars to discover the truth behind the fraternity brother's death?
  3. "The Adventure of the Missing Key" - In a strange turn, Sherlock has locked himself out of his rooms at 221B Baker Street, and is all but unable to find his lost keys. Dr. Watson, blissfully unaware of the problem, is asleep inside, oblivious to Sherlock's plight.  Alone in the foggy streets of London, Holmes must seek out the missing keys with only the sheer guile of his detective soul. But will his impressive powers of deduction be enough to help him solve his greatest challenge yet?


  1. this is hilarious. brohemia ftw.

  2. I read this through... then i read it again... then I saw brohemia... then i went to wikipedia... then i started thinking that i should probably become more educated.