Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Scanner Darkly

It's hard to gauge just how strange you really are. I've found that a good way to do so is to have someone else (probably a friend, but really it could be anyone) pretend to be you. This goes from dressing like you to affecting your vocal tics to emulating your stride. Even if your friend exaggerates a lot (spoiler: they will), it's cool to get someone else's perspective on the way you are. Although you live in your own brain and experience an unfiltered version of yourself, everyone else sees you through their own set of filters. Seeing someone else being you is thus like looking at yourself through a glass, darkly (goatees are optional, though): you're still recognizable as yourself, but you also notice a lot of weird quirks that you didn't realize you had or that you've stopped being aware of. It's a new, humbling perspective on yourself. If you're pressed for time and/or on a budget, it also makes for a quick, easy, and extremely humorous Halloween costume.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confusing Dreams

It wasn't this bad. But still terribly confusing.

I took a twenty minute nap the other day. The dream that ensued was extremely confusing.

REALITY: I fall asleep.
  • PART I: I wake up, But something is different; the linear distance between my head and the alarm clock is  about 1.5 times as long as it was when I went to sleep. Also, it is night now. Being the savvy guy I am, I realize it is a dream, and "wake up." (No falling sensation required.)
  • PART II: I wake up from the Part I dream to find that my roommate has moved his desk to where the sink was. Apparently he has moved the sink elsewhere. Water pipes still stick out of the wall. The pipes are still quite functional, though, as my roommate demonstrates by turning on the water. As expected, water sprays everywhere, and we panic and throw towels on the floor.
  • PART III: I wake up, and rush to tell my roommate and some other friends about Part I and Part II of my dream. At this point, I am convinced this is reality. After explaining to my roommate and a few friends the craziness of my dream, I walk home. En route, I pass through a library, where the Spaghetti Cat song plays over the PA system. I pass a friend in the library, and give a thumbs up: we both approve of the choice in music..
REALITY: My alarm clock wakes me up 20 minutes after I fell asleep. The relative distances between my head and the rest of my room seem about normal, the furniture is where it should be, and no strange music plays in the background. I'm assume this is reality, but the sound of a falling top does not confirm this.