Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time Travel For Dummies

  1. Find a black hole. Theoretical physicists think there should be plenty of these floating around in space. Just get one; you'll need it soon.
  2. Get antigravity. It's possible that the end of your black hole might be connected to another black hole, forming a sort of bridge in space called a wormhole. However, there are two problems: (1) the connection between the two black holes is really small, and (2) the gravitational forces of the black holes would instantly kill anyone who tried to traverse the wormhole. The solution? Stuff the ends of the wormhole with antigravity. Theoretically, this exists too.
  3. Spin one end of the wormhole. You have to do this pretty quickly; probably at close to the speed of light. Maybe use some more antigravity to do this. Because of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, time will move slower for the moving end of the wormhole. Spin it around long enough, and the two ends will become desynchronized in time. Cool stuff.
  4. Go back in time. Hop into the not-spun end of the wormhole, and you'll emerge from the temporally desynchronized side, in the relative past!
  5. ???

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