Monday, September 6, 2010

Things That Are Awesome

  1. Spontaneity. Many of of the greatest times in your life will be when you're making up your plan as you go along. Whether you're making an impromptu run to the food store with friends, spontaneously bursting into song in the cafeteria, or just being weird for the fun of it, you'll find the best plan is often not having a plan at all.
  2. Reading. Books are good. They give you knowledge. Knowledge is power.
  3. Reading in trees. We've been over this, but it bears repeating.
  4. Electronic books. Sentimentalists might enjoy the smell/feel of a paper book, but there's something empowering about carrying an entire library in your pocket. Might not want to take your ebook reader in a tree, though.
  5. Talking in pirate voices. National Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th. You should participate. Also awesome: Making pirate-themed euphemisms for everyday words. (ie: "Studying" becomes "plundering me books fer knowledge.) Bonus points if you secure a parrot for this.
  6. Anthropomorphizing objects. Finding a blue balloon? Boring. Giving said balloon a duct tape face, naming it "Balloon Boy," pinning it to the lapel of your jacket, and taking it with you do physics class? Awesome.
  7. Lasers. The things you can do with lasers are insane. Just ask a DVD player. Or a cat.

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