Monday, September 13, 2010


Why physicists are not writers: Exhibit A

This is the back cover of a college-level physics textbook. I can't get over how ridiculous the first sentence on the back cover is. It actually annoys me.

There are about fifty ways to phrase their topic sentence that do not sound ridiculous. For instance:
  • See the world through the eyes of a physicist
  • See the physics at work in the world
  • See the world through the lens of physics (this has optics, so bonus points)
This is also why physicists are not biologists: Eyes relay information to the brain, and thus don't know anything. Plus, if we performed biological experiments like we performed particle physics experiments, we'd throw frogs at a wall, and then observe the parts that fly out. Gross.

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  1. Dude. Get me in on that dissection. Sounds awesome. :)