Friday, August 6, 2010

Thing That Are Awesome

The Pretzel Man, aka salted awesome.
  1. Pretzel suits. This guy was outside a soft pretzel store, and I got to take his picture and shake his hand. It was awesome.
  2. In a similar vein, warm soft pretzels. They taste delicious, and they make your car smell wonderful. (For increased awesomeness, eat one with a can of Coca-Cola. Beautiful.)
  3. Pink shirts. Lots of men fear the pink dress shirt, but if worn correctly they can look as good as - if not better than - their white and blue cousins. It takes a bit of confidence to pull off, but the payoffs are immense.
  4. Movies that don't make sense. (I'm looking at you, Memento.) You aren't quite sure if you understand them, but they make you think.
  5. While we're at it, watching movies with friends. If you're watching something by yourself, you're just sitting there staring at a screen. Awkward. When you watch with friends, you can make fun of the movie and laugh when your friend final realizes that "Donnie Darko" is spelled with a "k," not a "c." It's stops being just a movie, and becomes a memory.
  6. Laughing. Laughing with friends. Laughing so hard, you have no idea what you're even laughing at. Laughing at puns, laughing at jokes, laughing at bad jokes, laughing at stuffed dragon puppets. Just laughing at life.

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