Wednesday, August 25, 2010


People make associations, strange mental linkages connecting one subject to another. The smaller connections make sense sense (peanut butter/jelly, tuna/mayo, Sinatra/smooth, etc.), but the mental chains of association are never short. The brain's chains are forged of thousands of links, most of which the brain's owners don't even understand (white bread/loneliness, water ice/laughter, a capella music/nostalgia, etc.)

If you try to dig deep and analyze each and every link, you might make sense of these long strings of unconscious thought. But you probably won't.

1 comment:

  1. white bread to lonliness makes sense because white bread makes me feel lonely. water ice is funny because it makes no sense. a capella music is nostalgia for many people who used to be in an a capella group.

    if you want association riddles, then tell me why corn bread makes me think of world domination. and rubik's cubes make me think of blindfolded people holding spoons with their toes.