Friday, July 9, 2010

Things That Are Frustrating

  1. Losing one sock while doing laundry. To this day I am convinced that tribes of mischievous gnomes who haunt the world's laundry rooms. When no one is looking, they reach into the dryer and steal a single sock. The results of their work are horrifyingly effective; there are few things worse than staring at a lone sock, powerless to find its mate. Bonus frustration if it's a patterned sock.
  2. Cars parked on both sides of a street. Driving is hard enough as it is.  Having to sweat your way through two rows of cars while simultaneously praying that no one is coming the other way just help matters.
  3. Going to a store to get something you need, only to find they don't have it. Multiply the frustration for each store you must visit. Double it if you're searching for something really basic, like khaki socks.
  4. The forced re-entry of contact information that comes with getting a new cell phone. Depending on how many contacts you have, it can take a while.
  5. Basically anything with cell phones, really. Cell phones are ridiculous.
  6. Power outages that are just long enough to reset every single clock in your house. (If your clocks have a slot for a 9 volt backup battery, make use of it. You'll thank yourself next time you lose power.)
  7. Losing your place in a book. It's only a minor inconvenience, but having to flip through several hundred pages of text to replace your bookmark isn't fun either.
  8. Computer viruses. This is self-explanatory.
  9. Jammed staplers. You can slam them as hard as you'd like, but they just don't work.
  10. The arduous task of trying to fix jammed staplers.

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