Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things I've Learned

  1. Scallion, though it might sound like seafood (think scallop + galleon), is actually a type of onion. Weird.
  2. Furthermore, you can make scallion pancakes. Also weird. The fact that they taste quite good is weirder still.
  3. Sometimes, more people doing one job doesn't make the job faster. If the job's small enough, it just means there's extra folks standing around and getting in the way. (You could probably graph numbers of people versus efficiency and get a really nice bell curve.)
  4. Most people don't use the word "efficiency" a lot in everyday conversation. Furthermore, my friends aren't most people.
  5. Life comes at you fast. You can plan out an entire day, but one phone call can change all your plans.
  6. Land line phones are also ridiculous. I have no idea how to work call waiting. It's really sort of pathetic.
  7. You might think there are wrong times to wear a bow tie. Turns out you're wrong.
  8. The curb is closer to the right-hand side of your car than you think it is. This is also true of tree branches, sidewalks, and guardrails.
  9. Things change, places change, and people change. Rickey wooden playgrounds get turned into shiny, safe, plastic ones. These changes are for the better - and for the worse.
  10. No matter what happens, you still have a choice. No matter what, you're still free. No one can take the sky from you.
  11. Hot weather, no matter how extreme, does not justify wearing shorts. Nothing justifies wearing shorts.*

*"Nothing" excludes actual physical activity, like exercising and stuff. Also, swimming. Shorts are okay then, I guess.


    1. Get asterisk. Then you can code all the features you want into landlines, including call waiting.

    2. This is quite true! NOTHING can justify wearing shorts!