Thursday, June 17, 2010


Words aren't the only way to communicate meaning. In fact, sometimes the best words aren't words at all.

By combining various prefixes, suffixes, verb endings, and root words, you can usually come up with something that isn't quite a word, but still does the job quite nicely. You won't find "kayak-tastic" in a dictionary. However, calling a day at the beach "kayak-tastic" is much more concise than saying it was "a grand time, with lots of enjoyable kayaking for everyone."

Sometimes, you can even make do with mere sounds. With the right intonation, inflection, and accenting, a well-shouted "AUGHAMATHUBA!" (pronounced "AH-GAH-MAH-THUB-AH") can mean more than an entire thesaurusworth of synonyms for "I am frustrated." Words are merely human constructs, and can mean whatever we want them to. There's nothing to stop you from writing your own dictionary.


  1. Sorry, but which syllable is emphasized in AUGAMATHUBA?


  2. AUG and THUB are accented.