Monday, June 28, 2010

Things That Are Vastly Underrated

Or, "Things We Need To See More Of." Or, "Things I Like, But Other People Don't Seem To Enjoy."
  • Cheese danishes. Everyone loves fruit danishes, but no one gives their dairy-based cousins the time of day. They're actually quite good.
  • Suspenders. People avoid them, but they're actually more comfortable than belts, and are much more effective at keeping your pants up. Just make sure you get the kind that button on to your trousers, and avoid the clip-on variety.
  • Humus. It's delicious. Especially edamame humus. Eat with pita chips, or whatever else you want.
  • Bow ties. Bow ties are cool. The look really nice, but no one wears them.
  • Thoughtful discussion. A lot of people feel like being right is more important than learning. But really, you get more done by listening to opposing viewpoints than you do by shouting at them.
  • James K. Polk. He promised to lower tariffs, get control of the Oregon territory, establish an independent treasury, and to fulfill the idea of Manifest Destiny. He did all these things in his first term, so he didn't both running for a second. What a pro.

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