Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things That Aren't Awesome

  1. Spinach. It's green, slimy, and often looks like it's moving. Gross.
  2. In fact, you can add most green vegetables to the list. Pickles are the exception, though. They're delicious.
  3. The realization that a good friend of yours has changed for the worse, and the awful feeling that you really don't know them anymore.
  4. Telephones. It's hard to talk to someone without seeing their facial expression and body language. It's like having a conversation with a disembodied voice. Plus, nothing ruins a beautiful moments like the ringer of a cellphone.
  5. Phone machines. All the annoyance of a telephone, but there isn't even a person on the other end.
  6. Remakes of good movies. If the film was good the first time, there's no reason to redo it. It'll just get borked up.
  7. The above is also true for songs. If the original was good, there's no reason to do a cover or make a remix.
  8. The awkward feeling you get when you want to get a soda at a restaurant, but everyone else ordered water.
  9. Waiting. Anyone who enjoys the anticipation of an event more than the event itself is wrong. Waiting is never fun.
  10. Being away from friends, family, and other loved ones. (This includes pets.)
  11. When people say they "did good" when they mean to say that they "did well." It's a grammatical pet peeve of mine.


  1. Clearly you have never had my mother's cooking. She makes vegetables awesome.

  2. you did good with this post.

  3. I agree with you about voice mail machines. To this day, I firmly believe that my dad was literally the last person in the world to get voice mail on his cell phone. I'm pretty sure it's because if he didn't want to answer his phone, he didn't want to have to listen to people telling him what to do without even being able to argue with them.

    And I sort of live for those awkward moments where a cell phone rings inappropriately. It makes me giggle.