Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things That Are Awesome

  1. Bacon-cheese sandwiches. Melt cheddar cheese onto rye bread. Add four pieces of bacon, and you've got the breakfast of champions. Just watch your cholesterol.
  2. Those really good friends who you can always talk to. They're becoming a rare commodity, though, so hang on to the ones you have.
  3. The feeling you get when you're wearing crisp white shirt, a well-cut navy suit, and a classic red tie. You feel - and look - like you own the place.
  4. Patterned socks. It's a subtle and super fun way to get your quirk on. Wear them with the white shirt, navy suit, and red tie above and you can be establish authority and subvert it, all at the same time.
  5. Those beautiful moments when you're with someone you care about, and neither of you has to say anything at all. The kind you wish would last forever. It just feels right.
  6. "Africa," by Toto. There is no wrong time for this song. The Straight No Chaser a capella version is also amazing.
  7. Similarly, there is never a wrong time for Journey's "Don't Stop Believing. It's guaranteed to pump you up, or your money back. (Not the Glee version, though. Never the Glee version.)
  8. High fives. The sound of two hands coming together is also the sound of excess awesomeness being released into the atmosphere. If you do something incredible, this is how you celebrate.
  9. Bizarre, esoteric variations on the high five are also encouraged.
  10. Vespa scooters. Those things are so cool. Also, good gas mileage.
  11. Croquet. It's nearly a requirement that you dress up to play croquet. It's clearly the classiest game in the world.

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