Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I've Learned

Life teaches you lesson. Here are a few things it taught me recently:
  1. Simple pleasures are the best. The thrill of tying your necktie perfectly, the taste of warm clam chowder, the feeling you get when you hug someone you care about, stuff like that.
  2. Speaking of simple pleasures, there's something magical about dolphins. Sure, you see them all the time on TV and the internet and whatnot, but there's something incredible about seeing baby dolphins up close. It's just incredible.
  3. Remember: dolphins eat meat. Just because something is cute and magical does not automatically make it vegetarian.
  4. You can't force someone to like you. It's better to accept that fact and move on instead of trying to change their mind. If you change yourself to make someone else like you, you might wind up not liking yourself.
  5. If you buy less than half a pound of fudge, the candy store won't put it in a little box for you. Also, don't put said fudge in the refrigerator.
  6. Time is the only nonrenewable resource. Once a minute goes by, there's no getting it back. Spend the time you have doing things that matter with people you love.
  7. Clothes have personality. You can wear an incredibly stylish, well-fitting shirt, but if the shirt's personality doesn't complement your own, it'll still seem a bit off.
  8. Stupid ideas, despite their stupidity, are usually the most fun. And definitely the most memorable.
  9. Don't drink the end of the orange juice. It never goes well. If you have to tempt fate, at least make sure you leave an itty-bitty bit in the container.


  1. 10. Read Tim's blog everyday. Otherwise you might miss an amazing haiku post and have to comment about it on the other amazing life lessons post.

    And then I found five dollars.

  2. "Time is the only nonrenewable resource."

    "Stupid ideas, despite their stupidity, are usually the most fun. And definitely the most memorable." As a master of stupid ideas, I can definitely affirm these two sentences. However, the ideas are often memorable for their unfortunate consequences. ಠ_ರೃ

  3. Yes. All of this, a million times over.

    that boat ride made me so happy.

    And I do apologize about giving the fudge bit away last night. I didn't know that she didn't know xP

    I enjoyed #6 and #9 especially.