Friday, June 4, 2010

Overdressed Day: An Evaluation

This is not me. (Unfortunately.)

The vast majority of today was spent in a tuxedo. There isn't a terribly good reason for this occurrence. Really, I just wanted to look nice. As always, unforeseen consequence arose. The results were good, bad, and ugly. (Disclaimer: no shoot-outs took place.)

  • Everyone loves a man in a tux.
    • Well, make that mostly everyone. Even so, it's a vast majority.
  • I looked awesome. (In my totally unbiased opinion.)
  • While the tuxedo is the epitome of men's style, it will win you some weird looks depending on where you wear it.
    • An older gentlemen was extremely upset that I was wearing evening clothes in the daytime.
      • He instead recommended a nice blazer and gray flannels.
    • An a capella group was performing today. Everyone asked if I was a part of it. I wasn't.
      • In the end, I just said that I was. It was easier that way.
        • It seems "I just wanted to wear a tuxedo today" just doesn't cut it for some people.
  • Black wool + really warm weather = slight discomfort + lots of sweat
  • Running across a wet floor is always a bad idea. Falling on the ground is just a reminder of this. Falling in a tuxedo doubly so.
    • However, the fall wasn't the ugly part. That was the thirty seconds of sheer terror after the fall, during which I prayed I had not dirtied, ripped, or otherwise damaged my tux.
      • Paranoia is the price of style.
    • Speaking of which, how do these falls never happen to James Bond? Also, why isn't he paranoid about his suit?
      • Jumping out of windows, chasing cars, and all that running would surely mess up his wardrobe.
        • It makes you wonder why he spends so much on clothes. His money would be much better spent on life insurance.
  • Totally worth it.

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