Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Risk

The most dangerous game...

While doing research, I discovered a few interesting rules variations for Risk games. For instance, if an attacking player rolls three of the same number, they draw a Risk card, and the nation pictured on that card gets nuked. All troops in a nuked nation get destroyed, and anyone who moves their armies through the nuked nation lose half their troops to radiation sickness. In my humble opinion, this is insanely cool.

In other news: Anyone up for a game of Risk?


  1. I hope you're getting paid for all these risky advertisements.

  2. i haven't played risk since i was a kid! let us play!
    but... if you roll three of the same number you draw a risk card THEN the nation gets nuked? or AND if the nation additionally gets nuked? if the latter... how do you nuke a nation?

  3. You roll three of the same number, you draw a risk card, and then the nation on the card gets nuked.