Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Journeying On

I was in the dessert line at a party, desperately searching for a piece of cheesecake. Nothing was labeled, so I cut a small piece of  every cake on the table, checking to see if it was the elusive cheesecake. I never found the cheesecake, but I wound up with about nine tasty pieces of various other cakes. Though I couldn't find the cheesecake, I still wound up with something delicious.

Life is like that. You might be looking for one thing, and wind up finding another. You may try to accomplish something, but achieve something else instead. You go to college and study business, only to find yourself teaching kindergarten ten years later. You think you've met that special someone, but then find someone even better on the way to the dry cleaners. The path you draw isn't always the path you take.

That's okay. Really, you can only plan about a quarter of your life: the majority of it happens whether you expect it or not. The future is a painting, but you can only see a small part of it at a time. The whole picture will probably suprise you.

And that's okay, too. The carrot cake tastes just as good as the cheesecake; the chocolate cake tastes even better. It's just how world works. So journey on: Even if the destination isn't exactly where you had in mind, it's still exactly where you need to be.