Monday, May 17, 2010


"What if one were to run after a ray of light? ... What if one were riding on the beam? ... If one were to run fast enough, would it no longer move at all?" - Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein looks in the mirror. He adjusts the knot of his tie, the lapels of his jacket. He fixes his hair.

Today is going to be a big day.

Albert Einstein steps outside. The spotlight is immediately to his left. He flicks a switch. The spotlight comes to life, humming softly.

The beam appears in front of him.

Albert Einstein begins to run. He starts slowly, but then quickens. He is a blur of brown tweed, his booted though sockless feet tear into the muddy ground.

The beam is still in front of him.

Albert Einstein runs faster. His tie flutters in the wind. He envisions clocks. Clocks moving, clocks standing still. Clocks ticking quickly, clocks ticking slow. Time and space bend under the weight of his thoughts.

The beam is still in front of him.

Albert Einstein trips. He falls to the muddy ground. His feet hurt. His head hurts. Albert Einstein has a revelation.

The beam can not be caught.

Albert Einstein pulls himself inside. He looks in the mirror. His clothes are full of mud. His mind is full of ideas. His hair is an unruly mess.

"Hurm," Albert Einstein ponders. "I wonder if I'll ever fix that."


  1. I wonder what Einstein would think of Star Trek.

  2. Funny you mention that...