Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Little On Iron Man

The big guy himself. Notice the glowing arc reactor on his chest.

Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) has an electromagnet embedded in his chest.. It keeps bits of shrapnel from reaching his heart: if the metal reaches his heart, he dies. The magnetic field prevents that from happening. Obviously, he has to wear it all the time. It's powered by phlebotinum an arc reactor.

Tony Stark is a walking, talking magnet. Tony Stark is also the CEO of a huge company.

Practically speaking, Tony must have a ton of trouble with paper clips. (To say nothing of metal detectors and high-end medical equipment.)


  1. w00t for Phlebotinum!

    For the confused:

  2. But he isn't the ceo... pepper is.. and even when he was the ceo he never did any work so he probably wouldn't have been around paper clips.

    he doesn't need to go through metal detectors because he can fly in his suit and doesn't have to go through the airport. he also does not attend an inner city high school.

    finally.. his medical equipment IS the random shiny thing in his chest. and i'd say that's pretty high end.