Friday, May 28, 2010

Geek Hero #2: MacGyver

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but this guy is the father.

Tony Stark engineered his escape from a group of terrorists IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! Angus MacGyver, the titular hero of MacGyver, could have done it with just the box.  An agent of the Phoenix Foundation, MacGyver doesn't use guns: instead he solves problems with duct tape, a Swiss Army Knife, his wits, and whatever else he can find. One man's light bulb is MacGyver's lock pick.

He's also one of the only two men who can pull off a mullet. (The other is Aquman.)

Geek Cred:
  • MacGyver has degrees in physics and chemistry.
  • He served in Vietnam on a bomb disposal team.
  • Mac can build anything he needs out of whatever is in his pockets/in the room. His ability to do so walks the fine line between "mad skillz, yo" and "straight-up superpower." A few fun examples:
    • He seals an acid leak using bars of chocolate.
    • He uses a camera flash to detonate plastic explosives.
    • In the space of around seven minutes, he uses a map to retrieve a key, as a blowgun, to hide a lead pipe, as a sled, and finally to patch a leaking hot air balloon.
    • Mac uses an electric egg beater, a rubber band, some batteries, and a kitchen trolley to make a motorized car. He then adds the helmet from a suit of armor, and uses the contraption to divert motion-tracking machine guns.
    • MacGyver hates using guns. That said, he used a revolver as an impromptu wrench to unblock a nuclear reaction's cooling system.
    • Chemistry according to MacGyver: Any combination of random household chemicals can be combined in some way to make a bomb.
      • It's just a fact of science.
    • Engineering according to MacGyver: Any combination of random household materials can be used to diffuse a bomb.
      • MacGyver was planning on going to a hockey game with his grandfather. He wound up using his ticket to disable a bomb.
        • His grandfather still went to the game, though.
    • To open a looked door, MacGyver opened up a few bullets, poured the gunpowder into the lock, and then ignited the power by whacking it with the butt of the revolver.
      • Q: Why didn't MacGyver just shoot the lock?
      • A: Because his way is a thousand times more awesome.
    • MacGyver's getaway car his a broken radiator. To fix it, he cracks and egg and plunks it into the radiator. The egg cooked in the radiator, and sealed the leak.
    • There's a really handy list of Problems Solved By MacGyver.
  •  His name is a verb.
  • OVERALL SCORE: 11/11 (This guy does it all)
Day-Saving Ability:
  • What on earth does the Phoenix Foundation do, besides sending MacGyver to help the helpless?
    • No one knows.
  •  MacGyver does everything. He starts as a secret agent, but his job description because less and less defined as time goes on. His adventures include:
    • Rescuing a crashed pilot
    • Retrieving stolen horses
    • Collecting foreign intelligence
    • Defends a plantation against a swarm of ants
    • Putting out a fire at an oil well
    • Escaping Berlin in a coffin.
      • The coffin turns into a jet ski.
    • Leading wilderness expeditions
    • Saving endangered eagles
    • Retrieving stolen/captured/whatever microfilm
    • Recovering an experimental jet
    • Stopping bizarre, mutated viruses
    • Saving an Amish homestead from being demolished
    • Driving race cars
    • Going back in time to King Arthur's court and helping Merlin
      • Really
        • But maybe not. It might have been a dream...
  • OVERALL: 10/11

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