Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coming Up Next...

For all next week, Looks Like A Tangent will be saluting some of fiction's great geek heroes. These are the folks who have both brains and brawn. They are men (and women) of science, action, and the arts.. They can diffuse a bomb before breakfast, discuss Shakespeare over lunch, spend the afternoon foiling a megalomaniac's plot for world domination, and make it to the university on time to teach their evening classes. They are bookish, scholarly, and undeniably hardcore.

In no particular order, I'll be taking a look at seven of these great nerd heroes, rating them on a 1-11 scale on both their geek cred and their day-saving-ability.

It should be a great week. I hope to see you all there.


  1. i hope to see susan calvin

  2. haha that sounds awesome! :)