Saturday, May 15, 2010


  1. Learn how to ride a unicycle. I'm extremely uncoordinated, so this would be an extremely impressive feat for me. It also seems like a unicycle would be more compact than a bicycle, making it a bit more practical for travel. Imagine backpacking across Europe on a unicycle...
  2. Make a trench coat out of duct tape. I've made suits and ties before, but never anything as big as a coat. This also has the possibility of being practical. Duct tape is extremely thin, but does not breathe whatsoever. A single layer of the stuff could keep me really warm.
  3. Learn to knit. The ability to turn linear yarn into space-filling shapes seems incredibly useful.
  4. Ride a Ferris wheel. I have actually never done this. I feel like I'm missing out.
  5. Make a reservation at a restaurant under the name Jay Gatsby. For me, this would be the epitome of smooth. Bonus points if I'm wearing a white or pink suit while doing it.
  6. Build a hovercraft. There are tons of plans on the internet, as a quick Google search reveals. It looks simpler than I would assume. I just need to get some parts.
If I actually do any of these, I'll let you know. Hopefully I'll have pictures to back it up.


  1. You also have to go to the restaurant wearing the white and/or pink suit, not when you call up and make the reservation. And I want video of that, too.

    Also, (English Major Alert!!!) In #2, I think you mean "breathe" instead of "breath"

  2. Make the reservation on a first date. If they don't appreciate it, don't go on a second date.

  3. 1. I have tried. It is hard. Also, is it technically "backpacking" if you don't hike?
    2. Seems like a coat out of a material that doesn't breathe would just make you sweaty, but you're the one with experience a la your prom jacket.
    3. I can teach you! It's not super useful, but it's fun.
    4. Ooh, yes. Get on that (literally).
    5. Uber smooth.
    6. I think they had a Mythbusters episode about that. Good luck!